School Life at Kamajo

Kamakura Jogakuin was founded in 1904 by Mr. Shinnosuke Tanabe, a well known author and poet during the Meiji Era, as an exclusive private school for girls. At that time education for girls was not highly regarded, but due to a profound series of changes that took place in Japan and Japanese education during his lifetime he was able to establish and nurture a tradition of success which our school still enjoys to this day. Kamakura Jogakuin currently offers students a wide variety of academic subjects to study, in addition to a vibrant range of field trips, events and extra-curricular activities to take part in.


The choices on offer to our students enable them to develop meaningful and lasting relationships with both peers and seniors, whilst also encouraging them to develop teamwork and leadership skills. Sports, musical and English language events also engage students in competition and the chance to participate in inter-school leagues and contests.


Homestay visits and exchanges also form an important part of life at Kamajo, as do relationships that have been built with agencies and schools offering online courses. Summer study tours to Canada and New Zealand, spring exchange visits to the USA, and one year study abroad experiences in New Zealand and the UK form an integral part of the English language curriculum, while study abroad tours to Malaysia are open to all students hoping to expand their understanding of other Asian nations. Students are given support throughout their career at Kamajo, not just by teaching staff, auxiliary staff and their peers, but also by a host of external tutors, presenters and workshop organisers.


The following pages will hopefully, give the reader an overview of all that Kamakura Jogakuin has to offer, and we look forward to welcoming you to our school.

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